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CIPC IP Online Services Website provides useful services to CIPC's clients, such as access to our databases over the Internet.

Important: Please read our disclaimer regarding use of CIPC IP Online's database services.

We recommend that you obtain professional advice before significant business decisions are made based on published patent documents, or if assistance is needed in interpreting the results of patent searches.

Access the patent database
This database is accessed via our Online Services facility and contains biblographic information of applications. You can search for a patent by:

  • Patent title

  • Inventor

  • Patent no.

  • Reference no.

  • Agent name

  • Applicant/patentee

  • IPC Classification

  • For the above fields, a wildcard in the form of a '%' character can be used to represent a variable sequence of characters.
    For example, use 2001/% to search for all patent numbers beginning with 2001/

    If you need further assistance regarding patents, please do not hesitate to contact the South African Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office (CIPC)

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